Speech - An inside perspective on the Tax White Paper

21 October 2015
Last week Roger Brake, Division Head, Tax White Paper Task Force gave an address to the Vic 3rd Annual Tax Forum.  Here is an excerpt: Tax reform is not an end in itself. Rather, reform to the tax system should be seen in a much bigger ...

Speech - The Government's Tax Agenda, Address to the Queensland Tax Forum

28 August 2015
Yesterday the Assistant Treasurer gave an address to the Queensland Tax Forum on the Government's tax agenda. Here is an excerpt: Today I want to focus on Australia's tax system and how it compares internationally. I want to add to what the Treasurer said earlier in the week about why we ...

Speech - Address at the PwC Tax Reform Forum, Melbourne

15 July 2015
Earlier today the Treasurer addressed the PwC Tax Reform Forum in Melbourne. Here is an excerpt: It's great to be here today to continue this important conversation about tax reform in Australia. As you all know, I started this conversation with the Australian people back in March whe ...

Speech - Tax Reform

19 May 2015
Last week Roger Brake, General Manager of the Tax White Paper Taskforce in Treasury spoke to Tax Institute Australia’s 48th South Australian Convention about tax reform. Here is an excerpt of his speech: The need for tax reform can be seen in terms of challenges and ...

Speech - looking forward 100 years: where to for income tax?

6 May 2015
Last week Rob Heferen, Deputy Secretary of Revenue Group in Treasury gave an address to the Tax and Transfer Policy Institute titled looking forward 100 years: where to for income tax? Here is an excerpt:


George Santayana made the observat ...

Speech - tax reform and the economic backdrop

1 May 2015
Rob Heferen, Deputy Secretary of Revenue Group in Treasury recently gave a speech at the Minerals Council of Australia Biennial Tax Conference on tax reform and the economic backdrop. Here is an excerpt:

Tax reform ...


Speech - Launch of the Tax Discussion Paper

30 March 2015
Thank you so much Cassandra for firstly hosting here and thank you for being someone who does make a very significant contribution to the national debate and policy debate. It is vitally important that ACOSS have a loud voice and they certainly do with Cassandra Goldie. I appreciate all that you have contributed in the last 18 months but also over the years ...

Transcript - Interview with Michael Brissenden discussing the tax discussion paper

30 March 2015
MICHAEL BRISSENDEN: The tax discussion paper will be released this morning by the Treasurer Joe Hockey and he joins me now. Treasurer, welcome to the programme. TREASURER: Good to be with you, Michael. MICHAEL BRISSENDEN: Now, why do we need another review? We’ve had plenty in the past, incl ...

Media release - Time to ‘re:think’ our tax system

30 March 2015
Today marks the start of a conversation about how we bring a tax system built before the 1950s into the new century. The tax discussion paper, released today, begins a dialogue on how we create a tax system that supports higher economic growth and living standards, improves our international competiveness and adjusts to a changing economy and new opportun ...