Discussion Paper


The Discussion Paper was released on 30 March 2015 and the formal submission process has now closed. Non-confidential submissions will be published in tranches.

Although the period for formal submissions has closed the Government will continue to receive input and engage with the community on how we can achieve a better tax system.

The opinions expressed in the submissions are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Government or Tax White Paper Task Force.

Note: Confidential submissions have not been published. Submissions that contain content that is defamatory, obscene, indecent, threatening or abusive have not be published on the website.

3H Engineering39.00K
AAA (Submission 1)88.70K
AAA (Submission 2)4.73M
Accolade Wines772.39K
Accommodation Association of Australia560.16K
ACT Government350.76K
Action Economics183.77K
Actuaries Institute119.98K
Adami, Tony88.52K
Adams, William (Submission 1)169.70K
Adams, William (Submission 2)27.62K
Adams, William (Submission 3)203.08K
Aged and Community Services Australia407.61K
AgForce Queensland657.08K
AGL Energy148.48K
Ai Group897.61K
Aisur Pty Ltd475.55K
Aitken, JN173.92K
AJ and PA McBride Pty Ltd178.56K
Allen, David529.74K
Allnutt, Brian97.83K
Alm, Margit305.34K
Alt, Gregory22.26K
Anderson, Albert884.50K
Anderson, David83.28K
Anderson, James18.11K
Anderson, Kym252.51K
Anglicare Australia (Submission 1)695.13K
Anglicare Australia (Submission 2)895.61K
Apsley Pastoral Co4.32M
Asciano Aurizon ARTC (Joint Submission)275.42K
Association of Australian Medical Research Institutes524.60K
Association of Financial Advisers222.21K
Association of Independent Retirees192.50K
Association of Mining and Exploration Companies (Submission 1)344.19K
Association of Mining and Exploration Companies (Submission 2)513.06K
Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia (Submission 1)1.58M
Association of Superannuation Funds of Australia (Submission 2)1.11M
Auchhterlonie, DJ49.28K
Auckram, Brian152.65K
Audi Australia, Volkswagen Group Australia and SKODA Australia1.02M
Aurizon Holdings Limited166.20K
Australia Council of Trade Unions627.26K
Australia New Zealand Leadership Forum698.40K
Australian Advanced Manufacturing Council303.27K
Australian Automotive Dealer Association Ltd2.18M
Australian Bankers Association715.56K
Australian Bicycle Organisations481.13K
Australian Catholic Bishops Conference82.20K
Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Submission 1)0.00
Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Submission 2)549.48K
Australian Childcare Alliance658.34K
Australian Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance352.82K
Australian Conservation Foundation482.40K
Australian Council for International Development667.02K
Australian Council of Social Service (Submission 1)2.32M
Australian Council of Social Service (Submission 3)507.09K
Australian Council of Social Service (Submission 4)0.98M
Australian Council of Social Service (Submisson 2)791.77K
Australian Council of State School Organisations (Submission 1)145.95K
Australian Council of State School Organisations (Submission 2)678.22K
Australian Council of State School Organisations (Submission 3)55.78K
Australian Council on Smoking and Health212.87K
Australian Dairy Farmers242.59K
Australian Doctors' Fund511.01K
Australian Finance Conference766.28K
Australian Financial Markets Association377.03K
Australian Food and Grocery Council (Submission 1)512.81K
Australian Food and Grocery Council (Submission 2)1.93M
Australian Forest Products Association (Submission 1)310.32K
Australian Forest Products Association (Submission 2)238.11K
Australian Foundation Investment Company95.65K
Australian Hotels Association285.81K
Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute479.05K
Australian Industry Group897.59K
Australian Information Industry Association395.18K
Australian Institute of Company Directors86.35K
Australian Institute of Petroleum506.79K
Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees (Submission 1)786.08K
Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees (Submission 2)811.06K
Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees (Submissions 3)691.25K
Australian Institute of Superannuation Trustees and Australian Centre For Financial Studies1.36M
Australian Investors Association Ltd237.62K
Australian Land Conservation Alliance (Submisson 1)246.10K
Australian Land Conservation Alliance (Submisson 2)472.60K
Australian Liquor Stores Association809.88K
Australian Listed Investment Companies Association23.99K
Australian Local Government Association143.26K
Australian Logistics Council537.54K
Australian Lot Feeders Association447.27K
Australian Major Performing Arts Group540.79K
Australian Motor Industry Federation571.42K
Australian Music Association215.41K
Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association Ltd5.76M
Australian Private Equity and Venture Capital Association533.32K
Australian Red Cross561.83K
Australian Retailers Association and the Shopping Centre Council of Australia463.31K
Australian Salary Packaging Industry Association563.98K
Australian Services Union337.76K
Australian Shareholders Association497.00K
Australian Small Business Commissioner2.01M
Australian Subscription Television Association279.42K
Australian Technology Network of Universities498.30K
Australian Trucking Association367.89K
Australian United Investment Company Ltd28.74K
Australian Wagering Council706.93K
Australian Wall Street Incorporated Submission367.52K
Automatic Data Processing Limited246.77K
Ayles, Greg504.77K
Bailey, Kym88.35K
Balanced Equity Management33.18K
Baptist Care Australia423.05K
Barber, Ashleigh104.66K
Barnaby, Brian79.17K
Barnett, David11.20K
Barnett, Tony8.79K
Barrett, Newell157.19K
Barrington, John216.97K
Batt, Gordon82.50K
BDO Australia Limited252.24K
Beatty, Robert8.96K
Beaumont, Edward4.93K
Benning, Ian9.35K
Bentleys Australia Pty Ltd168.13K
Berglund, Ross925.08K
Bergman, Trevor96.35K
Betts, Bev22.44K
BHP Billiton243.26K
Biggs, Gary76.28K
Bivell, Victor29.50K
Blackbird Ventures27.30K
Blake, Jason161.48K
Blashki, Graham1.77M
Board of Taxation115.87K
Boccabella, Dale202.42K
Bolin, Alan81.10K
Bonham, James945.63K
Boulton, Ross6.89K
Bowhill, Stephen30.80K
Brennan, Sean55.52K
British American Tobacco Australia890.43K
Brons, Ron230.57K
Brown, Gordon49.00K
Brown, P170.52K
Bruce, Ian43.08K
Buchanan, Darryl61.65K
Buckler, George156.87K
Buckler, George (Submission 1)85.74K
Buckler, George (Submission 2)154.49K
Burdekin Shire Council123.77K
Burford, Brian (Submission 2)5.31K
Burford, Brian (Submission 1)18.75K
Burg, Col11.67K
Bus Industry Confederation413.34K
Business Coalition for Tax Reform305.04K
Business Council of Australia9.19M
Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals210.14K
Business SA507.43K
Butler, Greg48.82K
Butterworth, Perce144.23K
Byrne, Gregory157.09K
Campbell, Clem24.35K
Campbell, Roderick (Submission 1)29.16K
Campbell, Roderick (Submission 2)19.79K
Campbell, Roderick (Submission 3)179.99K
Canavan, Matthew0.99M
Canberra Commoners246.94K
Cancer Council Australia (Submission 1)292.94K
Cancer Council Australia (Submission 2)439.66K
Carers Australia643.72K
Carling, Robert436.42K
Carter, John135.91K
Catholic Health Australia302.55K
Catholic Social Services Australia97.74K
Catholic Women's League of Australia Inc259.50K
CBH Group101.76K
CCW Co-operative Limited83.45K
Centre for International Finance and Regulation (Submission 1)449.26K
Centre for International Finance and Regulation (Submission 2)1.13M
Centre for International Finance and Regulation (Submission 3)1.19M
Centre for International Finance and Regulation (Submission 4)127.34K
Cesta, Dino78.68K
Challenger (Submission 1)215.81K
Challenger (Submission 2)0.97M
Challenger (Submission 3)1.21M
Challenger (Submission 4)1.65M
Challenger (Submission 5)673.63K
Challenger (Submission 6)1.45M
Challenger (Submission 7)1.39M
Challenger (Submission 8)153.46K
Chamarette, Stephen2.03M
Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia1.21M
Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland788.51K
Chandler, Gary94.52K
Chandrasegaran, Suryan21.34K
Chapman Eastway922.00K
Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand1.34M
Chee, David92.98K
Cheng, Heilok109.18K
Cider Australia227.31K
Clanchy, Michael24.88K
CLEAR International Australia35.58K
Cleary Hoare Solicitors230.92K
Clements, Stephen41.00K
Clissold, Helen180.32K
Close, Tim and Georgina201.19K
Clubs Australia633.12K
Colemon, Marilyn79.15K
Collen, David8.86K
Combined Pensioners and Superannuants Association329.62K
Commercial Economics Consulting131.21K
Committee for Sustainable Retirement Incomes2.96M
Community Employers402.57K
Community and Public Sector Union173.26K
Community and Public Sector Union State Public Services Federation Group158.60K
Community Council for Australia95.02K
Community Services Industry Alliance329.59K
Compassion Australia103.50K
Conference of Asia Pacific Express Carriers (Submission 1)306.80K
Conference of Asia Pacific Express Carriers (Submission 2)1.00M
Cook, Colin26.51K
Cook, John8.89K
Coote, Trevor (Submission 1)180.52K
Coote, Trevor (Submission 2)28.51K
Corporate Tax Association607.04K
COTA Australia353.31K
Coughlan, Kathryn308.17K
Council of Small Business Organisations of Australia (Submission 1)460.44K
Council of Small Business Organisations of Australia (Submission 2)813.74K
Council of Social Service of New South Wales204.04K
Council to Homeless Persons536.51K
CPA (Submission 1)550.99K
CPA (Submission 2)517.15K
CPA (Submission 3)671.02K
Craft Beer Industry Association576.22K
Crehan, Anthony123.65K
Creswell, Ralph3.62K
CRH Law145.88K
CSL Limited (Submission 1)1.09M
CSL Limited (Submission 2)837.99K
Curran, Mary39.00K
CW Financial Services322.24K
Cycling Promotion Fund582.05K
Daale, Peter168.10K
Dalton, Ben27.74K
Daniels, Gary504.15K
Davies, Jennifer262.14K
Davies, Robert213.59K
Davoren, Richard215.02K
Deane, David33.53K
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu (Submission 1)563.87K
Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu (Submission 2)316.12K
Denton, Richard NH371.28K
Diabetes Australia2.09M
Dietitians Association of Australia81.03K
Diversified United Investment Ltd27.12K
Djerriwarrh Investments Limited114.52K
Donovan, Rocky74.86K
Douglas, Neil4.20K
Douglas, Robert522.67K
Duncan, Neil34.95K
Dunne, Lyle31.09K
Dunning, Vaughan15.49K
Dwyer, James167.68K
Dyer, John190.28K
Dyson, John (Submission 1)101.02K
Dyson, John (Submission 2)185.45K
Dyson, John (Submission 3)100.92K
economic Security4Women86.94K
EDOs of Australia504.61K
Einoder, Bernard John40.46K
Elliffe, John9.09K
Elliot, Steve19.72K
Embassy of Brazil29.87K
Emond, Ronald178.35K
Employee Ownership Australia and New Zealand1.72M
Endeavour Forum Inc. (Submission 1)311.97K
Endeavour Forum Inc. (Submission 2)238.02K
EPIC Employment Service Inc622.91K
Equality Rights Alliance236.77K
Equity Trustees202.38K
Export Council of Australia (Submission 1)262.54K
Export Council of Australia (Submission 2)230.71K
FamilyVoice Australia177.52K
Farrelly Research and Management Pty Ltd113.49K
Farrow, Glenn99.52K
Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries1.16M
Federal Court of Australia (Submission 1)382.61K
Federal Court of Australia (Submission 2)785.99K
Feneley, Michael271.65K
Fenley, Graham94.76K
Fidelity Worldwide Investment1.61M
Filleti, Susanne6.02K
Financial Planning Association of Australia287.02K
Financial Rights Legal Centre138.53K
Fisher, Sally274.29K
Fitness Australia315.87K
Fitzgerald, Adrian61.00K
Food South Australia856.14K
Foote, Nigel259.09K
Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (Submission 1)1.36M
Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (Submission 2)1.95M
Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (Submission 3)1.89M
Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (Submission 4)662.77K
Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (Submission 5)559.64K
Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (Submission 6)522.25K
Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (Submission 7)921.51K
Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (Submission 8)640.87K
Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (Submission 9)847.39K
Fraser, Jane23.46K
Fraser, Ken121.43K
Fraser, Lindsay22.84K
Free TV Australia435.84K
Freebairn, John239.41K
Freewheeler (Submission 1)327.93K
Freewheeler (Submission 2)0.98M
Freudenberg, Brett68.93K
Friendly Societies of Australia1.49M
Future Party365.79K
G A Cossar & Co Pty Ltd (Submission 1)777.32K
G A Cossar & Co Pty Ltd (Submission 2)498.24K
Galvin, Timothy1.44M
Gas Energy Australia1.18M
Gavin, Michael31.87K
Gear, Spencer143.39K
Georgantis, Steven83.07K
George, Michael4.98K
GetUp (Submission 1)418.72K
GetUp (Submission 2)945.02K
Gianfrancesco, Nick134.32K
Gilbert, Graham59.50K
Gladwell, Lee118.23K
Gladwell, Ray110.36K
Gleadhill, Lawrence11.57K
Golder, Michael508.07K
Goleby, Paul125.90K
Good Beginnings Australia865.46K
Goodstart Early Learning526.56K
Gooley, Amber10.70K
Gordon, Martin90.34K
Gorrell, Robert39.35K
Governance Istitute of Australia358.43K
Graeme, Robinson136.59K
Graham, Daniel59.51K
Graham, James494.79K
Graham, Linda22.60K
Graham, Lorraine (Submission 1)294.00K
Graham, Lorraine (Submission 2)64.00K
Graham, Lorraine (Submission 3)44.50K
Graham, Lorraine (Submission 4)61.50K
Graham, Lorraine (Submission 5)351.71K
Graham, Lorriane (Submission 6)134.74K
Graham, Peter72.35K
Grain Growers Limited944.60K
Grant Thornton Australia Limited437.69K
Grenache, Garth81.39K
Griffin, Joe332.55K
Grose, Linda83.95K
Groszek, Charles213.20K
Group of Eight Australia383.56K
Hackwood, John9.35K
Hagstrom, Edward26.47K
Hallam, Jack23.62K
Hamill, Chris46.00K
Harley, John43.50K
Harman, Jane24.79K
Harrison, Aileen23.12K
Hartley, Dunstan173.77K
He, Andrew92.99K
Heart Foundation526.59K
Heart Foundation South Australia275.44K
Hepatitis Australia44.05K
Hestelow, Jon83.96K
Hickey, Guy (Submission 1)77.19K
Hickey, Guy (Submission 2)6.77K
Highfield, Richard1.09M
Hill, Murray2.94M
Hirsch, Andrew26.16K
Hochman, Luke65.29K
Holmes, Ashley71.28K
Holyday, Christopher198.70K
Homelessness Australia894.47K
Homesafe Solutions Pty Ltd720.03K
Hosking, Denis25.28K
Housing Industry Association897.61K
Howar, Peter33.03K
Howard, Jan88.56K
Howard, Mark36.14K
HR Block Australia598.99K
Huard, Paul31.09K
Hudson, Phillip92.07K
Hunt and Hunt lawyers165.50K
Ihlein, Graham469.03K
Independent Schools Council of Australia128.77K
Industry Super Australia (Submission 1)1.71M
Industry Super Australia (Submission 2)1.71M
Infrastructure Partnerships Australia2.79M
Innovation Australia1.81M
Insurance Australia Group484.54K
Insurance Council of Australia1.08M
Ireland, David92.94K
Israni, Girish2.71K
Jacobs, Alan40.38K
Jakobi, Hans96.72K
Janke, Mark301.29K
Jenkins, TAD206.64K
Johnson, S66.73K
Johnson, Stephen28.40K
Johnson, W956.01K
Joiner, William33.19K
Joint letter from ASA, AIA, ACCI, SMSF Owners' Alliance, Independent Contractors Australia, Melbourne SMSF Group and SISFA322.08K
Joint submission by Curtin University and Baptistcare WA394.56K
Joint submission by Diabetes Australia, National Heart Foundation of Australia, Kidney Health Australia and the National Stroke Foundation161.49K
Joint submission by the National Alliance for Action on Alcohol, the Public Health Association of Australia and the McCusker Centre for Action on Alcohol and Youth771.71K
Justice and International Mission Unit Synod of Victoria and Tasmania Uniting Church in Australia1.29M
Justice Connect Not-For-Profit Law344.51K
Kamangira, Tinashe407.87K
Kaur, Parveer405.05K
Kavanagh, Dennis13.38K
Kavanagh, Mike26.56K
Kelcoyne-Lawrence, Stephen464.10K
Kellerman, Adam (Submission 1)3.42K
Kellerman, Adam (Submission 2)166.54K
Kelly, Ian3.94K
Kendall, Stuart2.87K
Kenny, Brett94.14K
Kenrick, Robert235.94K
Kenyon, Stuart179.65K
Kirwood, Benjamin4.81K
Knight, Mike74.26K
Knight, Peter312.76K
Knight, Peter312.77K
Koci, Stephen19.37K
KPMG (Submission 1)156.36K
KPMG (Submission 2)3.41M
Kulacz, Ryan5.44K
Lagerwey, John180.47K
Lakous, Eugene100.14K
Langoulant, Eloise29.39K
Law Council of Australia499.44K
Lawrence, Thorne3.76K
Lawrenceson, Brian211.65K
Lee, Dorothy26.08K
Lennon, Barry (Submission 1)98.56K
Lennon, Barry (Submission 2)35.25K
Leukaemia Foundation129.49K
Lime Actuarial193.55K
Live Performance Australia139.62K
Local Government Association Of Queensland438.87K
Lowther, Peter322.41K
Ludlow, Robert36.34K
Luke, Garth98.55K
Lyons, Mark280.95K
MacLeod, Graham156.45K
Mair, Peter244.85K
Makwana, Prakash189.76K
Mansfield Accounting and Taxation510.62K
Marriner, Allan25.66K
Marriner, Carolyn24.96K
Mason, Andrena14.70K
Mason, John (Submission 1)63.74K
Mason, John (Submission 2)6.92K
Mason, Trevor448.92K
Master Builders Australia373.89K
Mayger, Derek23.81K
McAuley, John1.20M
McConnell, Mark10.10K
McInnes, Fiona176.74K
McIntosh, Stephen88.03K
McKenzie, Bridget336.29K
McLeod, Keith3.24K
McNeill, Heather11.18K
McPhie, Neil65.50K
McRobert, John144.42K
Medicines Australia124.63K
Mercer (Submission 1)84.79K
Mercer (Submission 2)69.67K
Meyers, Linda22.48K
Michael Johnson Associates Pty Ltd576.65K
Milton Corporation Limited18.15K
Minerals Council of Australia1.50M
Mitchell, Michael278.15K
Mitchell, Michael (Submission 1)27.46K
Mitchell, Michael (Submission 2)43.00K
Moffet, Russell (Submission 1)82.32K
Moffet, Russell (Submission 2)39.10K
Moffet, Russell (Submission 3)27.11K
Moody, Jonathan23.13K
Moore, Christopher260.52K
Moore, Patrick342.20K
Morgan, Frederick John (Submission 1)73.04K
Morgan, Frederick John (Submission 2)341.53K
Morgan, Frederick John (Submission 3)94.61K
Morgan, John F94.62K
Morris, Richard98.05K
Morrison, Alexander (Submission 1)3.65K
Morrison, Alexander (Submission 2)4.43K
Morrow, Trish139.63K
Motor Trades Association of Queensland271.46K
Muir-Cochrane, Caitlin89.75K
Mullins, Lachlan674.30K
Munro, Donald322.07K
Munro, R and J274.31K
Murray Valley Winegrowers410.23K
Murray, Andrew184.54K
Murray, John34.33K
Myers, Paul25.42K
Narrow Road Capital308.34K
National Australia Bank (Submission 1)1.20M
National Australia Bank (Submission 2)676.92K
National Catholic Education Commission (Submission 1)162.73K
National Catholic Education Commission (Submission 2)3.58M
National Disability Services218.95K
National Electrical and Communications Association1.03M
National Foundation for Australian Women (Submission 1)842.07K
National Foundation for Australian Women (Submission 2)371.98K
National Retail Association660.02K
National Rural Health Alliance127.69K
National Seniors Australia (Submission 1)800.89K
National Seniors Australia (Submission 2)537.72K
National Shelter3.16M
National State Emergency Volunteers Association1.02M
National Tax and Accountants Association (Submission 1)47.50K
National Tax and Accountants Association (Submission 2)445.20K
National Tourism Alliance0.97M
National Transport Commission1.13M
National Welfare Rights Network (Submission 1)0.97M
National Welfare Rights Network (Submission 2)1.20M
Neill, John64.00K
New Zealand Government2.71M
Newey, Peter115.65K
Ng, Jimmy3.64M
Nicholls, George41.00K
Nicholson, Effie10.49K
Noble, Dorothy64.51K
Noel McKenney and Co Pty Ltd240.06K
Not for Profit Project at the MLS471.60K
Nove, Jolyon102.97K
NSW Business Chamber660.53K
NSW Small Business Commissioner2.40M
O'Connell, John4.38K
O'Donnell, Jim41.19K
O'Neill, Gerard26.23K
O'Neill, John (Submission 1)395.79K
O'Neill, John (Submission 2)559.67K
O'Neill, John (Submission 3)568.13K
O’Brien, Paul101.01K
Obesity Policy Coalition463.04K
Oser, Robert (Submission 1)765.94K
Oser, Robert (Submission 2)161.45K
Parker, Ian23.15K
Pascoe, Michael39.44K
Pastoralists and Graziers Association of Western Australia61.24K
Pearce, David140.41K
Pearce, Prafula118.09K
Peck, Jon3.62K
Perez, Rafael94.69K
Perkins, Duncan28.13K
Pernod Ricard Winemakers815.76K
Perrin, Bruce23.48K
Peterson, Bruce4.49K
Pezzano, Domenic582.75K
Pharmacy Guild of Australia1.47M
Philanthropy Australia606.02K
Philippe, Mehel22.45K
Pitcher Partners (Submission 1)469.61K
Pitcher Partners (Submission 2)377.40K
Planning Institute of Australia (Submission 1)182.85K
Planning Institute of Australia (Submission 2)194.49K
Planning Institute of Australia (Submission 3)524.35K
Plastics and Chemicals Industries Association254.36K
Plato Investment Management594.69K
Plumb, Graham107.28K
Police Federation of Australia333.12K
Popova-Clark, Jeffrey98.04K
Ports Australia Submission81.75K
Posner, Melvyn50.61K
Povey, Michael75.48K
Prendergast, Paul273.22K
PricewaterhouseCoopers (Submission 1)413.04K
PricewaterhouseCoopers (Submission 2)766.77K
Property Council of Australia (Submission 1)1.88M
Property Council of Australia (Submission 2)1.69M
Property Council of Australia (Submission 3)595.41K
Property Council of Australia (Submission 4)4.00M
Property Council of Australia (Submission 5)153.41K
Property Council of Australia (Submission 6)697.36K
Proteomics International118.46K
Pryor, Rosemary and Malcolm109.83K
Queensland Law Society229.66K
Queensland Nurses Union552.39K
Queensland Resources Council73.43K
Radford, David92.84K
Real Estate Institute of Australia223.82K
Reddaway, Lawrence33.16K
Reid, Garth117.42K
Reid, Michael88.71K
Renewable Energy is our Future770.65K
Renewable Energy Party372.33K
Research Australia527.69K
Resources and Energy Evolutions101.10K
Restaurant and Catering964.01K
Results International Australia345.41K
Retail Council3.42M
Revenue Review Foundation3.43M
Rice Warner1.05M
Rio Tinto37.73K
Riverland Wine1.67M
Rixson, Peter75.79K
Rizos, Evangelos232.00K
Roach, Joseph288.74K
Roberts, Curtis93.08K
Roberts, David75.63K
Rogers, Ray84.80K
Royal Australasian College of Physicians432.14K
Royal Flying Doctor of Australia365.25K
RSM Bird Cameron465.81K
RSPCA Australia161.68K
Sain, Rory86.59K
Sandilands, Ron53.49K
Sant, Bruce226.69K
Sarroff, Christopher24.82K
Savage, David19.19K
Scheiwe, Dan461.38K
Schnall, Peter142.42K
School of Taxation and Business Law UNSW (Submission 1)232.38K
School of Taxation and Business Law UNSW (Submission 2)352.08K
School of Taxation and Business Law UNSW (Submission 3)1.51M
Scott, Bernie81.62K
Senator David Leyonhjelm215.80K
Senator John Williams145.52K
Serry, Mark220.93K
Shaw, Raymond (Submission 1)64.21K
Shaw, Raymond (Submission 2)39.50K
Shelter WA506.65K
Shop Distributive and Allied Employees Association64.13K
Simkiss, John200.67K
Simpson-Morgan, Peter636.05K
Simpson-Morgan, Peter119.70K
Smith, Beverley115.43K
Smith, John34.46K
Smith, Judy173.71K
Smith, Luke63.53K
Smith, Warwick272.58K
SMSF Owners' Alliance (Submission 1)1.27M
SMSF Owners' Alliance (Submission 2)368.50K
Snell, Robert343.55K
So, Cyrus41.00K
Social Ventures Australia (Submission 1)323.99K
Social Ventures Australia (Submission 2)298.21K
Solomons, Greg (Submission 1)37.20K
Solomons, Greg (Submission 2)221.95K
Sood, Rajat213.44K
South Australian Council of Social Service516.57K
South Australian Freight Council53.09K
SouthEast Housing Co-Operative (Submission 1)476.39K
SouthEast Housing Co-Operative (Submission 2)652.53K
Southern Youth and Family Services350.67K
Spannenberg, Andrew6.20K
Spyker, Leonard7.34K
St John Ambulance Australia214.84K
St Vincent de Paul Society828.72K
Stanley, Philip49.87K
Stott, Leslie154.46K
Superannuated Commonwealth Officers’ Association (Submission 1)94.66K
Superannuated Commonwealth Officers’ Association (Submission 2)277.14K
Surf Life Saving NSW158.62K
Swanson Reed276.10K
Taggart, Tony25.02K
Tanner, RJ2.43M
Tax Institute611.43K
Taxpayers Australia Limited602.68K
Taylor, Christopher John351.14K
Taylor, Pauline12.76K
The Australia Institute126.15K
The Australian Council for International Development675.20K
The Australian Innovation and Manufacturing Incentive (Submission 1)943.15K
The Australian Innovation and Manufacturing Incentive (Submission 2)482.99K
The Centre for Independent Studies1.49M
The Chamber of Minerals and Energy WA539.62K
The Chinese Australian Services Society Limited240.29K
The City Of Greater Dandenong120.74K
The Coalition of Major Professional and Participation Sports1.31M
The Law Society of New South Wales - Young Lawyers1.08M
The National Farmers' Federation279.31K
The Shop Distributive and Allied Employees Association405.10K
The Shopping Centre Council of Australia and the Australian Retailers Association463.31K
The Smith Family199.54K
The Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand181.83K
The William Buckland Foundation577.28K
Thompson, Brian41.00K
Timmons, Bryan25.61K
Tourism and Transport Forum2.69M
Tourism Shopping Reform Group (Submission 1)784.78K
Tourism Shopping Reform Group (Submission 2)3.94M
Townsville Enterprise336.27K
Tran, Chung (Submission 1)43.63K
Tran, Chung (Submission 2)461.78K
Transport Reform Network294.44K
Treasury Wine Estates1.01M
Trust for Nature1.55M
Turnbull, David26.92K
Ulrick, Richard148.79K
UniSuper (Submission 1)217.81K
UniSuper (Submission 2)3.58M
UniSuper (Submission 3)698.31K
UniSuper (Submission 4)800.65K
UniSuper (Submission 5)3.77M
UniSuper (Submission 6)766.94K
UNITAX (Submission 1)1.17M
UNITAX (Submission 2)250.33K
United Voice884.84K
Uniting Justice Australia372.73K
UnitingCare Australia (Submission 1)288.03K
UnitingCare Australia (Submission 2)371.88K
Universities Australia223.86K
Urban Development Institute of Australia572.13K
Urbans, Dennis23.00K
Valitutti, Michael29.42K
Vallejo, Norman2.69M
Victorian Farmers Federation603.89K
Victorian Farmers Federation Sunraysia Branch236.72K
Victorian Healthcare Association’s183.91K
Vieira, Daniel9.86K
Vieira, Michele4.84K
Vision 2020 Australia159.25K
Volunteering Australia560.77K
Wadhwa, Ashish9.41K
Wallis, Ian169.97K
Walsh, Tim271.01K
Walshaw, Tim1.11M
Walters, Arthur76.59K
Warakirri Asset Management350.86K
Waters, Ken1.29M
Watkins, Richard92.84K
Webb, Donald109.57K
Wellard, Michael395.84K
Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists (Submission 1)93.39K
Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists (Submission 2)593.07K
Wentworth Group of Concerned Scientists (Submission 3)2.21M
Western Australian Farmers Federation296.54K
Western Australian Local Government Association444.25K
Westpac (Submission 1)63.71K
Westpac (Submission 2)691.81K
White, Luton26.22K
White, Russell33.92K
Wiegel, Klaus277.76K
William, Buck168.63K
Williamson, David52.18K
Willis, Daniel41.28K
Willow Creek Australia99.85K
Wilson Asset Management1.35M
Wine Grape Growers Australia152.44K
Wine Tasmania442.44K
Winemakers Federation Australia (Submission 1)1.07M
Winemakers Federation Australia (Submission 2)3.35M
Wise Lord and Ferguson289.34K
Wolters Kluwer335.46K
Women in Super380.61K
Women's Centre for Health Matters293.96K
Women's Electoral Lobby Australia115.60K
Women's Health West930.65K
Wong, Benjamin26.95K
Woodhouse, David186.21K
World Vision Australia155.04K
Wright, Andrew128.22K
Wright, Doug23.67K
Yoshi, Black48.09K
Young, Donald (Submission 1)264.13K
Young, Donald (Submission 2)4.63M
Young, Robert5.11K
Zanatta, Angelo292.72K
Zierk, Ian100.86K

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