Discussion Paper


The Discussion Paper was released on 30 March 2015 and the formal submission process has now closed. Non-confidential submissions will be published in tranches.

Although the period for formal submissions has closed the Government will continue to receive input and engage with the community on how we can achieve a better tax system.

The opinions expressed in the submissions are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Government or Tax White Paper Task Force.

Note: Confidential submissions have not been published. Submissions that contain content that is defamatory, obscene, indecent, threatening or abusive have not be published on the website.

Bruce, Ian43.08K
Buchanan, Darryl61.65K
Buckler, George156.87K
Buckler, George (Submission 1)85.74K
Buckler, George (Submission 2)154.49K
Burdekin Shire Council123.77K
Burford, Brian (Submission 2)5.31K
Burford, Brian (Submission 1)18.75K
Burg, Col11.67K
Bus Industry Confederation413.34K
Business Coalition for Tax Reform305.04K
Business Council of Australia9.19M
Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals210.14K
Business SA507.43K
Butler, Greg48.82K
Butterworth, Perce144.23K
Byrne, Gregory157.09K
Campbell, Clem24.35K
Campbell, Roderick (Submission 1)29.16K
Campbell, Roderick (Submission 2)19.79K
Campbell, Roderick (Submission 3)179.99K
Canavan, Matthew0.99M
Canberra Commoners246.94K
Cancer Council Australia (Submission 1)292.94K
Cancer Council Australia (Submission 2)439.66K
Carers Australia643.72K
Carling, Robert436.42K
Carter, John135.91K
Catholic Health Australia302.55K
Catholic Social Services Australia97.74K
Catholic Women's League of Australia Inc259.50K
CBH Group101.76K
CCW Co-operative Limited83.45K
Centre for International Finance and Regulation (Submission 1)449.26K
Centre for International Finance and Regulation (Submission 2)1.13M
Centre for International Finance and Regulation (Submission 3)1.19M
Centre for International Finance and Regulation (Submission 4)127.34K
Cesta, Dino78.68K
Challenger (Submission 1)215.81K
Challenger (Submission 2)0.97M
Challenger (Submission 3)1.21M
Challenger (Submission 4)1.65M
Challenger (Submission 5)673.63K
Challenger (Submission 6)1.45M
Challenger (Submission 7)1.39M
Challenger (Submission 8)153.46K
Chamarette, Stephen2.03M
Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia1.21M
Chamber of Commerce and Industry Queensland788.51K

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