Speech - Launch of the Tax Discussion Paper

30 March 2015

Thank you so much Cassandra for firstly hosting here and thank you for being someone who does make a very significant contribution to the national debate and policy debate. It is vitally important that ACOSS have a loud voice and they certainly do with Cassandra Goldie. I appreciate all that you have contributed in the last 18 months but also over the years ahead.

Of course we share a commitment to building a more prosperous and productive society that continues to provide high levels of support for families and individuals most in need.

Since I first became involved in public policy formulation 23 years ago, I have always appreciated the thoughtful and considered contributions of ACOSS, as have my colleagues who are here: Josh Frydenberg, Kelly O’Dwyer and Tony Smith. We’ve always appreciated the contribution of ACOSS.

Now, whilst we might not always agree with each other, there is some genuine conversation that needs to be had about the common purpose. We want every individual and organisation in this great country of ours, in a genuine debate about what is best for Australia’s future.

And I am here today to make a further contribution to that national conversation by releasing the Federal Government’s discussion paper on taxation reform.

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