Speech - Address at the PwC Tax Reform Forum, Melbourne

15 July 2015

Earlier today the Treasurer addressed the PwC Tax Reform Forum in Melbourne. Here is an excerpt:

It’s great to be here today to continue this important conversation about tax reform in Australia.

As you all know, I started this conversation with the Australian people back in March when I launched the tax discussion paper and stated the Government’s desire for a better tax system that delivers taxes that are lower, simpler and fairer.

This is the first step towards a Tax White Paper that the government will take to the Australian people at the next election.

It’s a conversation I want all Australians, wholeheartedly, to participate in. That’s because this is an issue that goes to the very heart of our nation; it affects almost every aspect of our lives, and the generations that follow.

And we’ve now reached a crucial point. The initial discussion period is largely at an end, and we’re ready to shift to the options paper stage.

So as we approach this, I want to give you an insight into the process to date; share with you some of the challenges that our Tax White Paper must address; and outline the Government’s principles in approaching the task of tax reform.

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