Our tax system

Business tax

Tax is increasingly important as competition for foreign investment intensifies and businesses become more mobile. Australia’s corporate tax rate is high compared with many of Australia’s competitors, especially in the Asia-Pacific region.

While company tax is paid by companies, the burden is passed on to shareholders, consumers and employees. A more competitive business tax environment would encourage higher levels of investment in Australia and benefit all Australians through increased employment and wages in the long run.

Dividend imputation ensures there is no double taxation on income from Australian shares owned by Australian resident shareholders and supports the integrity of the business tax system. However, it makes little contribution to attracting foreign investment to Australia other than eliminating dividend withholding tax for franked dividends paid to foreign shareholders. It also involves a significant cost to revenue and may impose more compliance costs to achieve similar outcomes to other jurisdictions.

Australia’s corporate tax system is also extremely complex. Artificial distinctions embedded in the system often create unintended biases towards particular forms of investment, distort business decisions and increase incentives to engage in complex tax planning.

Business innovation encompasses improvements to goods and services, processes and marketing. Benefits can include productivity enhancements, firm growth, job creation and higher living standards. The research and development tax incentive and employee share schemes are two ways that the tax system supports business innovation.

See the discussion paper for more information.

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